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Bill & Kyra James

Our home in Encino was on the market for six months before meeting Oren David Mordkowitz. We had tried two different agents. After securing a listing agreement, each seemed unprepared to really defend the agreed asking price. We felt constantly under pressure from our own agents to accept much lower prices than had been discussed at the time of signing the listing agreements. After cancelling our previous representation we interviewed Oren, along with several other agents. We were immediately struck by Oren?s quiet confidence, his excellent interpersonal skills and direct approach. He was rock solid on the justification for our asking price in the context of the relevant local comparisons. He really knew property values and the market in the local area?and that was a major difference. He aggressively defended our asking price with recent data and had a detailed knowledge of the ?comps?. He also gave us great guidance on how to prepare the property for sale. He told us directly that we needed to take care of several issues which may discourage buyers. He was sensitive to cost, but wasn?t afraid to tell us the truth. We followed his advice. Oren professionally marketed our home, walked us through every little detail from paperwork to recommended repairs, always made himself available, provided sound advice and personally oversaw every aspect from start to finish. Upon putting our home on the market we immediately noticed a significant difference in showing activity compared to our previous agents. He personally worked the open houses. We had productive and qualified buyers regularly, which was something that had not previously occurred. Oren procured a fantastic buyer at the right price, negotiated the deal flawlessly and made sure we closed on time. If you are considering selling or buying a home in the Los Angeles area, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not giving him a call. We were absolutely satisfied with his services. Bill & Kyra James

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